Features Of Cationic Polyacrylamide

The characteristics of cationic polyacrylamide:
water-soluble, can also be completely dissolved in cold water. Cationic polyacrylamide Add a small amount of cationic polyacrylamide products, you can get great flocculation effect. Generally only need to add 0.01 ~ 10ppm (0.01 ~ 10g / m3), can fully play its role.

While using cationic polyacrylamide products and inorganic flocculant (polyferric sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, iron salts, etc.), can show greater results.

Function of cationic polyacrylamide:

To clarify the role of purification;

Sedimentation to promote the role;

to promote the role of filtration;

thickening effect and other effects.

Therefore, it can fully meet the requirements of wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, mineral processing, coal washing and papermaking.