Cationic Polyacrylamide Powder

Product Details:
Supply Ability : 3500 Ton Per Month 10 Days

Product Description

Available in powder form, the Blufloc Cationic Polyacrylamide is easily dissolvable in water. This polymer is available with different charge density and molecular weight range.

This product is sometimes used for dewatering of slurry, purification of water, to enhance the standard of flocculation of particles found in water and for promoting quick setting of suspended solid particles.

This synthetic chemical is available in different configurations to meet various job requirements.


  • Outstanding dewatering capacity even at minimal dose. Its unique composition assists to minimize  98% water content of mud cake to 70%.
  • Apart from its higher amount of solid particles holding ability, this product helps to raise material passing rate and enhances solidity of cake.
  • It easily dissolves in water and is convenient to use.
  • Free from corrosion if applied in suggested amount. It is available at affordable price range.
  • Compatibility with different ph range.


  • Raw Water Treatment:
  • Clarification
  • Recovery of water and dewatering of lime alum sludge
  • Flocculation
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment:
  • Basic Clarification
  • For the treatment during tertiary and secondary stages
  • For dewatering  of slurry and for making sludge thick
  • For the elimination of color
  • Dissolved Air Floatation
  • Sewage Treatment:
  • Preliminary level of treatment
  • Dewatering and thickening of sludge

Process Industries:

  • Paper Making: Resident Agent, Retention, Water Recovery, Wet Strengthening Agent
  • For settling of mud during sugar production
  • Chlor-alkali: for clarification of brine
  • Thermal Power:  Purification of Scrubber Water
  • Mining & Metallurgy:  Making tailings thicker and for recovery of water
  • Petroleum and Gas Field:
  • For the treatment of sewage water

Typical Products and Properties

Products: Solid Content: Effective pH: Bulk Density: Molecular Weight: Charge Degree:
C8005 89% min 2.0-9.0 0.8-1.0 Medium High Very Low
C8010 Medium High Low
C8015 Medium High Medium Low
C8020 Medium High Medium
C8025 Medium High Medium
C8030 Medium High Medium High
C8040 Medium High High
C8050 Medium High Very High
C8060 Medium High Ultra High
C9010 High Low
C9020 High Medium Low
C9030 High Medium
C9040 High High

  • It is advised to dissolve this chemical in 0.1%-0.5% amount in water prior to use.
  • The prepared solution need to e stored in enamel, plastic or fiberglass containers. It is suggested not to use metal container for its storage.    
  • The suggested amount depends on different test results of laboratory.      


  • We are offering this chemical in 25kgs amount packed in PE or Kraft bag depending on the exact requirements of customers.                   
  • Storage
  • This chemical ought to be stored in suitable containers and it should be placed in cool and dry area which is away from direct sources of flame, heat, humidity and sun rays.
  • It can be stored for 2 years.